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Uzman Akademi(Academy) was established in 2011 on Sirinevler as a dental clinic, but it has aslo 21 years medical hospital history and experience. Clinic is located very close to Ataturk Airport which has the main international flight traffic (4 km max).

Uzman Akademi Yenibosna branch was established in 2013 and it has also very similar location. So it makes the health tourism easier not also for us, also for our patients.

Uzman Akademi Dental Group getting bigger and bigger until cover all major places in Istanbul, than all of Turkey. Our aim is make our patient satisfy for they want and make them happy. It is so easy!  We know that it will change our patients lives directly. We know that a tiny change in  a single tooth will affect to our patients smiles. When you enter to Uzman Akademi you will understand that Specialists, doctors, managers always smile to you and with our great care you will feel like as you are at home. When your treatment completed, the connection between us not completed. Our connect channels never stop even when you’re abroad. You can reach directly our manger if it’s needed with GSM also WhatsApp app or etc.

You will choose your treatment within all dental treatment procedures which guaranteed with dental academic researches. All on 4 or all on 6 treatment procedures make possible to install fixed prosthesis with a single surgery. You have you stay 3-7 days for your first visit! Uzman Akademi Group always respect to your time. Aesthetic dentisry is the way we will never leave. And if you have fear and fobia for dental treatment, we will provide general anesthesia and stay in highly technological hospitals for 1 day.

Uzman Akademi Group not only work like a plain dental clinic with doctors, it also works like travel agency. Our branches will arrange you cheap hotels and free airport transportation if you want. We also offer list of social activities and suggestions during your stay in Istanbul. Istanbul is famous for its natural beauty and historical places such as: The Bosporus, The Golden Horn, The ancient Byzantium, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and more other places worth to see. You can also participate in several arrangements like the Bosporus tour to take the advantage of your visit to the beautiful city of Istanbul.    We will prove different languages services. English, German, Arabian, Russian is our main languages. For Russian, German and Arabian first contact with WhatsApp app or e-mail or sms. Because these languages services depend on patients request.

Contact informations:  GSM: +902126392929

WEB:  www.uzmanakademi.com

e-mail: info@uzmanakademi.com

We hope you will join us our big Uzman Akademi familiy….