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Preventive Dentistry Applications

Preventive Dentistry Applications Now with advances in restorative materials to teeth cavities, trauma or parafunctions (wrong habits) attached material losses, can be restored in a single session with light-cured composite…

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Root Treatment

Root Treatment This process includes, cleaning pulp (vain and nerve system) from the inside of roots and visible parts of teeth, filling root canal system permanently after decontamination. Root canal…

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Implant Implant is artificial titanium tooth roots which can place in to jawbones to replace lost teeth for various reasons. Implants provide better speaking and chewing functions than conventional plating…

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Gingiva Diseases: Bad breath (Halitosis)

Gingiva Diseases: Bad breath (Halitosis) Bad breath is a disease which cause serious social injuries and losing self-confidence from the childhood in social life. Bad breaths reasons; Bad breath based…

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Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry One of the new applications of modern esthetic dentistry is, affixed to the surface of the teeth without damaging the teeth to ensure aesthetics are quite slim porcelain.…

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